The NHS has been Hacked – Cyber Security Essentials

Posted by The HCI Group on 03/02/17 16:49

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The NHS Hacked - Cyber Security Essentials

It’s Monday morning. Bleary eyed you walk into your NHS office with your high street takeaway coffee in your hand. As with every NHS IT department you have a wish list and an ongoing project list that differ greatly because of what the trust can afford. You have thirty minutes before another day of back to back meetings where you will manage stakeholders, drive engagement and push through as much progress as you can. Thirty minutes to enjoy your coffee and clear that email backlog. But before that plastic lid can touch your lips there’s a knock on your office door and the words no NHS executive wants to hear are muttered….

We’ve been hacked.


November 16th, 2016 – Sky News run a piece of investigated journalism on Cyber Security with the good people at Hacker House and with a freedom of information request that was responded to by 95 trusts. Here’s the headlines;

  • 3 – The number of Trusts in October that had their systems shut down by hackers
  • 22,180 – The average Cyber Security Spend of the Trusts who responded
  • 7 – The number of trusts that spent NOTHING on Cyber Security in 2015
  • 45 – The number of Trusts that didn’t know how much they’d spent
  • 4,177 – The Number of Data Breaches

Jennifer Arcuri and her team of ethical hackers found it so easy to gain access to NHS systems that they didn’t even need to break the law.

With the NHS facing crippling pressures on costs, wait times and demand for services can your organisation afford to cancel a week or more’s procedures as the result of a hack? Can your organisation afford to pay the ransom demanded by many hackers to undo the damage they’ve caused? But the key question; of the list of projects that each trust’s IT department have on their whiteboard, is a Cyber Security upgrade one that you can afford not to do?

To get a better picture of how to tackle these threats The HCI Group brought in former FBI Chief, Alex Borani. Alex was the Unit Chief in the Cyber Division, leading the FBI’s mission against cyberterrorism. In a recent Webinar Alex shared his industry leading experience and advice on:

  • Cyber Security threats to healthcare
  • Vulnerabilities
  • The 5 top security mistakes organisations make 

The Webinar can be accessed for free, HERE.

Quest for Cyber Security | View the Webinar

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