HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Consulting Services

HIMSS Analytics Certified Consultant-01

HCI has expertise to facilitate and expedite your journey to HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7.

Organisations across the US and increasingly the world understand the importance of advancing up the HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) in order to demonstrate best practices for quality and patient safety. However, many organisations fail to understand that this initiative involves the entire organisation. Leadership needs to set this as a goal for the organisation, garner buy-in, and drive decision-making.

HCI can work with your organisation to develop a road map to guide and monitor progress toward Stage 7, while providing guidance in areas such as Clinical Systems Governance, Closed Loop Medication Administration, Document Scanning and Technology Enabled Clinical Process.

The HCI HIMSS Analytics Partnership provides assessment and gap-closing consulting services to assist in advancing the IT maturity model. The service offers benchmarking against the Digital Maturity Model and relative HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stages. It offers views on successful methodologies for enterprise cultural transformation leveraging technology, using the EMRAM as a guide.

HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 Expertise:

  • Conduct HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 Gap Analysis
  • Develop Project Plan to achieve HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7
  • Develop opening client presentation and compile supporting documentation
  • Organise HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage 7 Review site visit
  • Perform a Mock Assessment


Here are some of the features of our program:

  1. Certified EMRAM Educators leveraged in cost effective ways
  2. Certified Ambulatory EMRAM resources available real time
  3. Delta Powered HIMSS Analytics used to leverage global evidence
  4. HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Stage analysis to ensure your organisation is prepared for judging
  5. Business intelligence insight, both clinical and administrative
  6. Clinical workflow review and sharing of best practice
  7. Process Improvement recommendations and cost/benefit analysis
  8. Governance Model recommendations tailored to Trust unique needs
  9. Health Information Exchange Models for moving community engagement forward
  10. Mock Visits to prepare for formal HIMSS Analytics EMRAM evaluation

How We Help to Achieve HIMSS Stage 7

Definition and delivery of the benefits of the program permeate our solution from inception to completion:

  1. Benchmark the progress of digitisation and identify best practice hospitals
  2. Push adoption of electronic medical records for quality, safety, efficiency
  3. Paperless patient record for highest quality of care
  4. Clinical documentation, decision support and data analytics to improve care
  5. Efficient approach by objective party to report on improvement opportunities
  6. Expert project management, HIMSS Analytics EMRAM knowledgeable resources to meet organisation needs
  7. Senior consultants to facilitate direction around governance
  8. Statistical analysis of clinical productivity and related costs
  9. Experienced in developing community plans and support health information exchange
  10. Technical infrastructure expertise to ensure foundational adherence for business continuity

“HCI has proven to be a valuable partner in providing Information Management & Technology resources within our tight budget and time constraints. We will be glad to use them for more projects in the future.”
-Chris Dickens, Head of Professional IT Services (Acute), Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service, United Kingdom

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