Managed IT Services for Healthcare

Healthcare organisations have invested heavily in technology with the promise of increased quality of care and reduction in cost while maintaining regulatory compliance and a competitive position in the market. Healthcare CIOs are under constant pressure to deliver on this promise in a dynamic industry where regulations, cost restrictions, skills/staffing issues, compliance and cyber security challenges compete for resources and funding. Managed IT Services provided by The HCI Group (HCI) can relieve pressure on Healthcare CIOs by transferring the responsibilities of technology and infrastructure to a trusted resource, resulting in access to greater efficiencies, reduction in operating costs and improved services.

HCI’s Managed IT Services for Healthcare Enable:

Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Deploying HCI’s tools and IT servers help reduce operating costs by 20-45%. This decrease enables an increase in quality and productivity across the IT organisation, ultimately allowing an improved patient experience and growth to the core business.

Additional Benefits of Reduction of TCO 

  • Prudent application of technology, tools, and processes (CMMI, ITIL, Six Sigma, etc.)
  • Leveraged purchasing power
  • Leveraged shared services
  • Strategic use of onsite and offsite support
  • Modernise existing systems and implementing new technologies

Improved Performance

  • Implement strong governance and communication
  • Facilitate collaboration between RRH and customers
  • Enhance opportunities for leveraging automation and analytics solutions
  • Engage stakeholders in dreaming sessions

Enhanced Capabilities

  • Implement an accountability-driven, performance-based culture
  • Introduce new technologies to further position
  • Improve the knowledge, skills and capabilities of staff

Improved Caregiver Experience

  • Critical systems availability (dial-tone always available)
  • Enable “doing the right things and doing things right”
  • Establish framework for innovation and operations
  • Measure and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Ensure continuity of performance
  • Implement methods for – and achieve – continuous service improvements

Managed IT Services for Healthcare Portfolio

The following areas are available as separate or complete solutions. The more integrated your managed services solution – the more savings!

Application Managed Services

  • Application architecture support, including clinical and non-clinical application platforms
  • Support for legacy environments and your most critical EPR systems

Contract Management

  • IT procurement
  • Service contract management
  • Third-party vendor management
  • Client direct invoicing


  • Proactive security operations with SOC and vCISO support

Data Analytics

  • Single-pane-of-glass analytics dashboards
  • Analytics to improve IT, clinical and financial performance
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Reduced cost
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Data Center Management

Data Center Management

  • Improved capacity and availability of data center operations leveraging ITIL, ISO and other key industry standards
  • Secure data
  • Improved disaster recovery and business continuity strategies

Enterprise Application Development

  • Proven SDLC methodology and integration for new and emerging technologies

Monitoring & Automation Management

  • Maximises the efficiency of your staff by shifting repetitive support and triage tasks to automation solutions
  • Minimises off-hours incidents and reduces the impact to users

Physical Security Management

  • ITIL proven processes
  • IT security and business management processes
  • Adherence to regulatory and industry standards

Program Management & Governance

  • Collaborative, goal alignment, flexibility and innovation

Server Management

  • Virtual/physical hardware and image management across Wintel, Unix and Linux platforms

Service Desk Support

  • Level 1 ITIL services and clinical/physician concierge

User Experience

  • Integrated IT service management solutions that consist of service desk, desk-side support, application virtualisation, workspace-as-a-service, proactive monitoring and management, automation and self-help enablement delivered in a concierge model


  • Instantiates unique location-aware secure workspaces
  • Hardware/software/image managed service with desktop support
  • Proactive issue response/resolution
  • Optimised environment reduces complexity
  • TCO reductions of up to 40%

“HCI has proven to be a valuable partner in providing Information Management & Technology resources within our tight budget and time constraints. We will be glad to use them for more projects in the future.”
-Chris Dickens, Head of Professional IT Services (Acute), Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service, United Kingdom

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