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Go-Live & Activation Support | NHS Floorwalkers

Go-live support is more than the few critical weeks of activation. We have your back.

Having high quality software activation staff that knows how to use systems is not just a task for new installations, but also an ongoing activity as staff come and go in healthcare organisations. HCiActivate can deliver a full range of support personnel to ensure the success of your software Go-live/Activation for many major EPR systems including software that requires credentialing and certification.

The HCI Group offers a wealth of hands-on experience and provides a host of services to ensure success up to, during and after activation. Using our proprietary planning tools and knowledge of effective support staffing models, we will work with you well in advance of Go-live to ensure your resources are prepared for the challenge. HCI Activate is delivered in a structured and step by step methodology utilising a variety of highly skilled individuals with deep experience related to the software being switched on.

Our onsite Go-Live management team is highly experienced to work with your command center leadership and take care of every conceivable detail so that you can focus on your team and pressing system issues. We adjust and mobilise floorwalkes as needed to support you with additional resource needs in the event of unanticipated outcomes.

HCI Go-Live Deliverables available:

  • Pre-Conversion Readiness Assessment (4-6 weeks prior to Go-Live) – approximately 2 days onsite meeting with departments to identify “gotchas” from a list derived from supporting over 100 Activations and Go-Lives.
  • Identification and screening of candidates that meet the criteria and skill assessment on behalf of the Hospital.
  • On-boarding of consultants and adherence to specific requirements including verification of professional references, education, work history background and drug screening as well as meeting any other Trusts specific NHS floorwalker standards.
  • Management of the Go-Live resources to include:
    • Pre-Set Check Point and Meetings
    • Staffing Plan adjustments, as needed, based on volume and priority
    • Continual communication for problem identification, resolution and deliverables
  • Electronic timecard processing and invoicing
  • Command center readiness checklist
  • Resource Modeling
  • Shift change support and knowledge transfer

HCI’s Turnkey Go-Live Service

The HCI Activate Implementation 10 Step Process is designed for Your Benefit:

  • Rigorous candidate
  • Thorough reference checks: HCI requires two references per candidate
  • Ranking and grading each candidate based on HCI’s proven screening tools for activation support compatibility with your Trusts
  • Comprehensive background and drug screening including DBS
  • Logistics coordination for candidates to ensure best rates for hotel, vehicles, and airfare
  • Distribution and collection of onboarding/new hires
  • Distribution of critical Go-Live, travel policies, Trust and project information
  • Maintain constant, open lines of communication with Trust leadership team as projected Go-Live date
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If you have an upcoming Go-Live or need NHS floorwalker support, please contact us below.

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