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Just as important as the technology is the ability and willingness of end users to utilise it and gain proficiency.

Having well-trained and confident staff who know how to use systems is not just a task for new installations, but also an ongoing activity as staff come and go in healthcare organisations. HCI can deliver both ad hoc or syllabus driven EPR training for most systems including the development of academies to provide ongoing training courses to certify and accredit staff in certain healthcare IT solutions.

HCI' EPR Training is delivered in a structured and step by step methodology utilising a variety of training environments from online to classroom to workplace itself.

The training that is required to teach staff and providers to use a healthcare IT system is one of the larger and most important aspects of not only a Trusts success, but the overall adoption, sustainment and satisfaction with the system. HCI attributes success and satisfaction rates based on our focus to customise and incorporate “your” process design and workflows into all aspects of our training program.

Typical EPR Training programs can include:

Nursing/Role Based Training

  • Training is most effective when it is organised according to function and trainees are most attentive when the training is directly related to their daily workflows and documentation tasks.

Process Based Training

  • Learning how to use a new system will raise workflow Process training provides the opportunity to assess, potential standardised policies and procedures to ensure that end users integrate heathcare IT more deeply into daily operations.

Mock Clinical Script Training – Rehearsals

  • Conducting a “Day in the life of” or “end-to-end” to integrate process scenarios as part of the training strategy has proven to enhance and promote a much smoother and less stressful actual Go- Live, resulting in better adoption, sustainment and satisfaction.

Educational Support

  • Training Needs Assessment and Analysis
  • Program Development and Design
  • Classroom and Training Implementation
  • Development of “tips and tricks” End User Quick Resource Material for Use during Go-Live
  • Post Training Evaluations for Lessons Learned and Next Steps

We are ready to support and lead any or all of your training efforts so that your staff can learn and focus on preparing for the changes during this critical time.

“HCI consultants were very much ‘experts’ in this area, and were very familiar with our software vendor’s application and the ‘softer side’ of managing people through tremendous change.”
Bill Eubanks, CIO

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