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Integration & Testing

Before any EPR system goes live, all the pieces must mesh together with clockwork-like precision—and pass the crucial testing phase.

Healthcare IT systems are no longer standalone and must work seamlessly with all ancillary systems, from radiology to pharmacy and third parties outside your organisation. HCI have the expertise to understand your workflows and to write interfaces that result in totally transparent communication throughout your enterprise. HCI can precisely align interfaces allow the right data to flow throughout your system, from meticulous patient-care records and state and federal reporting to financial information and complete management reporting.

Just having data is not the most important aspect of a healthcare IT system. It is having the quality of data that brings crucial information to those making patient-safety decisions. High-quality data is also important for making business decisions that can provide a quicker return on investment and reimbursement models for the future stability of the organisation. Consider a PAS with multiple duplicate records in it or not having the correct information added. This can lead to activity being misreported, appointments being mis-scheduled and while this can have a financial impact, it can also impact patient care.

It’s equally important to understand the reasoning behind the data conversion and the functional aspects for future use. Our qualified resources help determine what data are pertinent to the functionality and decisionmaking process of a new healthcare IT solution. By following our best-practice guidelines, we assure data integrity throughout the entire data-conversion process.

Our integration service combines unit, mapped-record and integrated testing in a unique methodology to identify potential issues and reduce risk when testing your healthcare IT systems. All ancillary interfaces are thoroughly tested to assure they perform flawlessly together. If there are issues that need to be addressed, we will find them and help resolve them prior to go-live.

The HCI Group Advantage

  • Clinical, legal and regulatory expertise
  • Attention to detail
  • Advanced set of best practices
  • Experienced testers
  • Proven test scripts
  • Unsurpassed technical expertise

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"The HCI group has supported us in building an electronic solution for the department that has improved our workflows and processes while using our existing fully integrated solution."
—Raphael Jaffrezic, Chief Information Officer, Galway Clinic

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