NHS EPR Implementation

Every implementation requires a complex and customised solution. 

A Partner for the EPR Implementation Journey

Organisations implementing complex healthcare IT systems know that there are many stops along the path before reaching the final destination. Extraordinary financial investments are made, and the future and quality of patient care for the local community depend heavily on a successfully delivered project.

The HCI Group has a proven track record as an implementation partner for installations across North America, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. While individual products and systems may vary by client, our multi-threaded teams of experts know exactly how to improve the quality of your project planning, design, build, activation, business intelligence and long-term adoption.

Great People Make the Difference

When you partner with the HCI Group, you know the professionals recruited for your implementation projects are the best in their field. For every aspect of the project lifecycle, you can be certain that every candidate we submit will be a fully-trained, experienced professional who will understand your needs and provide immediate value to fulfill your organisational strategy.

An Array of EPR Implementation Services

Every implementation requires a complex and customised solution. The HCI Group offers our clients implementation service options to bring your individual project strategy to fruition. All of our project consultants are full-lifecycle multi-project industry experts. We provide benefits throughout your project, offering valuable experience and cross-application knowledge that reduce building rework and help decrease the overall project cost. The HCI Group’s implementation services offer:

  • Project assessment / strategic-implementation planning
  • Readiness assessment
  • Design, build and validation
  • Testing and ancillary system integration
  • Clinical content development and training
  • Data migration 
  • Legacy support
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Clinical adoption
  • Optimisation
  • Ad-hoc NHS IT Recruitment

Smarter Approach to Healthcare IT

Our philosophy is to bring intelligent solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems. The HCI Group’s EPR implementation project leaders will work tirelessly to give your organisation a road map for achieving your goals, providing you a remarkably cost-effective solution. The HCI Group is much more than a world-class staff augmentation firm; our domain knowledge of healthcare IT projects spans every aspect of the EPR implementation lifecycle and the entire healthcare continuum.

Building with Confidence

Based on your project, the HCI Group can help bring all of your applications, hardware and systems together in a fully tested and deployable model that is perfectly optimised for your providers’ needs. Whether you are expanding on your current implementation or just now beginning your journey, the HCI Group is a proven and highly effective partner as you continue your journey.

To learn more, we invite you to contact us today.

“One key to a successful HIT project is effective project management, and at a critical time in our EHR implementation HCI provided quality PM resources helping to keep our project on time.”
Dr Rob Bart , Chief Medical Information Officer

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