The HCI Group NHS Management Consultancy Services

NHS IT Management Consultancy Services

Our team takes the time to understand and leverage organisational culture, hierarchy and internal customer dynamics.

HCI NHS IT Management Consultancy services provides access to experienced resources to aid in the development and assurance of strategic and tactical documents to provide the basis for procurements, planning and delivery of change and transformation programmes involving heathcare IT.

These can be projects related to readiness assessments, analysis, reviews and production of documents to support procurement of systems such as strategic outline case (SOC), outline business case (OBC) and full business cases (FBC) along with activities including total cost of ownership and benefits realisation. Other examples can be projects and services to support how healthcare IT can be used as an enabler for transformative change and process improvement. In this situation, staff can be used to advise and augment to capabilities of a Trust in order to provide ongoing support, management and advise during such a project.

Another key element to the advisory services service line is around the use of clinical engagement within the development and use of healthcare IT. HCI has significant resources to help create forums and structures to encourage and develop the involvement and leadership in the use of healthcare IT. This is critical for the successful long term use healthcare IT systems.

Governance – Establish, Launch, Refine and Build Process

  • Membership
  • Rules of engagement
  • Topic management
  • Prioritisation
  • Communication and follow up

Change Management – Set Expectations, Communicate Direction, Establish Interactive Feedback, Align

  • Communication strategy
  • Consensus building and engagement activities
  • Baseline metrics
  • Benefits realisation and tracking

Revenue Generation and Expense Management – Innovate, Apply Business Framework, Develop Plans

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Industry benchmarking and analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Tracking

Program/PMO – Establish, Develop Capacity Plans, Set Methods/Process

  • Charters
  • Scope management
  • Work plans and critical path
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitoring and addressing barriers

Administrative and/or Clinical Workflow and IT Integration – Enabling Technology, Reduce the Cost of Healthcare, Improve Quality of Care

  • Subject-matter expertise  and methods/tools
  • Workflow
  • Advanced technologies
  • Design and optimisation

Organisational Development – Address Pain Points, Develop Strategies, Manage Change/Transformation

  • Assess people and process
  • Analyse root cause
  • Recommend strategy
  • Develop tactical plans
  • Improve process

NHS IT Management Consultancy

We apply an engagement model that employs a mix of people, process and technology on projects. Initial reviews are based on baselining the current position through of existing information and observation of process and practice in the clinical workspace. From this we able to map areas of concern, gaps and where improvement can generate savings or increase revenue from efficiencies and workflow productivity. This is then mapped to how changes in healthcare IT can help realise that change and optimum level of benefit for the Trust.

"The HCI Group stands out as an exemplary partner … ranging from strategic planning to expertise in implementation, post-go live support and optimisation. The HCI team is customer focused, very talented and provide innovative solutions."
—Kristin Myers, Vice President, IT

For complete information on how the HCI Group’s healthcare IT advisory services team can help your organisation, please contact us today.

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