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NHS IT Clinical & Business Transformation Case Development

Our team takes the time to understand and leverage organisational culture, hierarchy and internal customer dynamics.

In many if not most organisations today workflow and process redesign is imperative to an organisation. HCI Clinical and Business Redesign service line uses a methodology goal is to facilitate an organisation in the following outcomes/deliverables:

  • Maximise efficiencies
  • Enhance health care quality and safety
  • Remove chaos from your current workflow
  • Improve care coordination
  • Enhance Provider/End-User Satisfaction , Adoption and Sustainment

Simply put, workflow redesign is important because it helps an organisation get the most value from healthcare IT implementation

In this era of integrated healthcare IT systems, two skill sets essential to consultation success are:

  1. Healthcare Process analysis and,
  2. Healthcare Workflow While multiple methodologies exist to accomplish both of these proficiencies, there is no replace for real and document success in their application in healthcare settings.

Healthcare Process Analysis: Involves the facility of understanding the detailed steps that are required to deliver all types of healthcare services (e.g. patient assessment, medication administration, care plan design) appropriately and in the pursuit of comprehensive care of the patient. This skill is of paramount importance in the design, implementation and assessment of elements of healthcare IT and other technologies that seek to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and outcomes of healthcare.

Healthcare Workflow Redesign: The introduction of information technology into the delivery of healthcare can either be an essential enhancement to care or a distraction and disruption of care detracting from quality. An additional element of workflow redesign is the reality of the number of groups (medicine, nursing, allied health etc.) that need to participate in a particular episode of care where technology can either facilitate superior communication and quality or distraction and confusion. HCI is adept and experienced in both “diagnosing” the key issues in problematic NHS IT implementations regarding workflow, but additionally have an experience enabling the application of solutions that once again enable effective healthcarez team communication and enhanced patient outcomes.

As such, Trust Board, Medical Directors and CIOs are bombarded daily in many cases from regulators, CCGs, staff and patients related to efficiency or lack thereof, workflow and design process requirements, productivity and time management outcome concerns, this is where HCI can assist.

NHS IT Service Management

We apply an engagement model that employs a mix of people, process and technology on projects.

Initial reviews are based on baselining the current position through of existing information and observation of process and practice in the clinical workspace. From this we able to map areas of concern, gaps and where improvement can generate savings or increase revenue from efficiencies and workflow productivity. This is then mapped to how changes in healthcare IT can help realise that change and optimum level of benefit for the Trust.

"The HCI Group stands out as an exemplary partner … ranging from strategic planning to expertise in implementation, post-go live support and optimisation. The HCI team is customer focused, very talented and provide innovative solutions."
—Kristin Myers, Vice President, IT

For complete information on how the HCI Group’s NHS IT advisory services team can help your organisation, please contact us today.

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