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Telephony Services

The HCI Group comes equipped with a set of telephony-specific services. These services are designed to address the needs of two types of organisations:
  1. Healthcare organisations that have an ageing analogue telephony system for which the manufacturer is preparing to cease support. Examples include Siemens ISDX telephony systems which will cease being supported during 2017.

  2. Healthcare organisations that have business drivers that an analogue telephony system cannot support. Example of these business drivers include:

    • The need for an adaptable telephony service that can cost effectively support an estates reconfiguration.

    • The need to increase the productivity of the existing or future estate by promoting more flexible ways of working: for example, by supporting “hot-desking,” where staff will take their extension number with them and log onto a phone at any desk to make and receive calls.

    • The need to decrease the costs by outsourcing the service provision.

    • The need to support alternative funding models: for example, revenue rather than capital purchases.

The HCi Group’s consultants have many years of combined experience working within the NHS and other industry sectors.  We work across the complete spectrum of information and communications technology, and specifically with telephony.

We have worked with multiple Trusts to:

  • Perform high level reviews of current telephony service to identify opportunities for improvements
  • Define telephony strategies
  • Develope, validate, and refine requirements
  • Evaluate options
  • Build business cases
  • Identify benefits
  • Support implementations
  • Manage the changes in working practices to improve adoption and deliver benefits

The HCI Group is fully independent and has working relationships with a number of the key IT communications suppliers. We ensure implementation of industry best practices to allow your organisation to concentrate on delivering high quality cost effective patient care.

"HCI has been an outstanding partner. They have taken the time to truly understand our organisation's needs & culture to design the right solution. We have found them to "think out of the box" as we focused on refining our sustaining support model while creatively infusing ITIL principles into the framework. We have found the HCI resources to be stellar individuals who bring with them healthcare IT experience, expertise and integrity."
–Pam Hudson, Director

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