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Allscripts Training

Having an effective training plan can make the difference when it comes to the success of your Allscripts implementation. At the HCI Group, we have a proven model that has led to countless successful training projects.

HCI’s Proven Training Methods

Change is never easy, and the ability and willingness of your end users to utilise new technology and gain proficiency is critical to a successful implementation. The HCI Group offers a comprehensive solution to ensure that leadership, staff personnel, and providers support the change and are well prepared to effectively utilise the system.

We provide experienced consultants who can help you deliver quality training as well as bring best-practice tools and methods forward by providing:

  • Strategy design, planning, development, and execution
  • Curriculum and content development
  • Lesson Plan Development and revision
  • Domain management
  • Super-user preparedness
  • Logistics planning including registration and space planning
  • E-Learning customisation
  • Development of Training material
  • Allscripts Training delivery, including web based, classroom, and individual training
  • Classroom Training Implementation
  • Experienced Allscripts physician trainers
  • Activation support
  • Post Training support and optimisation to evaluate lessons learned and next steps
  • Training needs assessment and analysis

Allscripts Training Advisory Services

You will never be alone with the HCI Group’s Training Advisory Services. We can offer you and your organisation:

  • Assistance with Status Reporting to Executive Leadership
  • Project Sounding Board
  • Training Schedule Feedback
  • Curriculum Delivery Feedback
  • Allscripts LMS use Feedback
  • Training Team Leadership Mentoring

Allscripts Super User Program

During your training process, it is necessary to have a well-planned Super User Program to ensure SMEs have thorough understanding of the system, and the approach to support the Training Program and the End User. We can help your organisation achieve this through the utilisation of:

  • Criteria for selection of the best candidates
  • Comprehensive Training Program which includes, Allscripts Workflow, Policy and Procedural changes, Technical understanding, and soft skills to promote adoption of the system
  • T-/checklists to ensure organisation of the department learning support
  • A blended learning approach to promote hands on learning
  • Training for the super user to support the department based simulations and process to confirm learning retention of staff
  • Plans for the super user to participate in the actual classroom training

With our extensive knowledge of what it takes to make your Training project successful, as well as a resource management team that is the best in the industry, the HCI group can help to alleviate some of the concerns that you may have prior to your Allscripts implementation.

Make sure to visit our EPR Training Services page and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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