The HCI Group Cerner Millennium Go-Live Services

Cerner Millennium Go-Live Services

As Cerner continues to introduce new and improved products, the HCI Group has kept pace.

Using our in-depth knowledge of Cerner, we offer cost effective solutions for healthcare organisations to train and go-live with Cerner successfully. Recently ranked as the Best-In-KLAS in the Go-Live category, HCI has completed some of the largest Cerner Go-Lives including Adventist, Baptist Health (Jacksonville, FL), and Texas Tech University.

Cerner Millennium Go-Live ProcessHCI's Cerner Millennium Team

Our leaders are experts in Cerner project management and delivery. Our activation team brings a track record of success using the best known national and international standards. Our onsite project lead is there to ensure an effective and seamless adoption of Cerner, one that will be viewed by the client's clinicians and staff as both high quality and successful. Central to our Cerner Millennium Go-Live methodology is that we engage early in the implementation with the client's project leaders. To accomplish this, we begin on our first project planning session and review closely every aspect of your go-live activities. This includes—but it by no means limited to—the following key strategic areas of activation:

Go-Live Command Center Planning

We review your approach to command center layout, role/duties for command center leaders, Cerner ticketing intake, ticketing software as well as your process for ticketing resolution and complex ticket escalation. HCI will engage with local project managers to assist with incident management ticketing process and help coordinate the design and functionality of the Cerner command center. 

Appointment Conversion

HCI leaders carefully review appointment conversation plan and potential needs for staffing manual conversions. If additional support for manual conversions is necessary, we can attempt to time the on-boarding process for external resources prior to activation to assist the conversions team.

Assessing End-User Support

It is important that HCI Leadership meets with site administrators early in the engagement process. It is important to review first-hand the geographic layout of sites going live and assess the number of end users and support type (Front Desk vs Nursing vs Provider) that will be working in each area. In addition, this time allows us to build relationships with site administrators and ensures we gather our assessment data directly from the source.

Cerner Super Users

A thorough Cerner 'At the Elbow' support assessment requires HCI leadership to understand how you organised your super user program. What initiatives did you design to help make your super users, super? Additionally, we will look to understand of exactly who and where each super user is assigned to work during go-live.

Workflow Dress Rehearsals

As part of our approach to go-live, we need to uncover your existing plans to support operational/workflow dress rehearsals, we will want to work with your teams internally, assess what has been complete thus far, make adjustments and begin planning for delivery with project coordinators. We will work with your team to build a strategy that focuses on quality and provides a good experience for end users in each department.

Project Staffing

Our emphasis is on quality. We want to ensure that we cover every conceivable detail as we prepare and deliver your go-live. We will focus our efforts to bring the client exceptional talent from around the industry and will ensure we prepare these individuals with a specialized orientation.

Other areas that will require thought and project leadership include: Designing intraday project communications, Cerner 'At the Elbow' zone support design, shift change agenda, daily reporting tools, ‘At the Elbow’ support project scheduling and gathering KPIs.

Cerner Milennium Go-Live Methodology

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